Laboratory Phonology
Laboratory Phonology is the official journal of the Association of Laboratory Phonology ( It represents the scientific study of the elements of spoken and signed language, their organization, their grammatical functions, and their roles in speech communication. The journal publishes research on phonology from perspectives of all domains of linguistics (phonology, phonetics, syntax, morphology, semantics, pragmatics) as well as from related disciplines, including psychology, speech & hearing science, communication science, computer science, electrical & computer engineering, and other related fields. Research in Laboratory phonology is grounded in quantitative analyses of empirical data from diverse languages and from diverse types of populations (including infants and patient groups), obtained in (laboratory) experiments or from speech or signed corpora. The types of data include frequency counts; acoustic measurements; articulatory measurements; and reaction times, judgements and EEG responses elicited in comprehension and perception experiments. The journal publishes regular, independent articles as well as articles in collections focusing on specific research topics (e.g. Corpus-based approaches to the phonological analysis of speech; The origin and spread of sound change). Some of these collections partly result from workshops or from the bi-annual conferences of the association.