Cadernos de Etnolingüística (Estudos de Lingüística Sul-Americana) is an online-only journal, which seeks to publish original contributions on South American indigenous languages, including articles, reviews, squibs, short notes, and unpublished (or limited circulation) documents. Its main goal is to encourage the exchange of ideas among researchers in the area, promote the discussion of special topics, and disseminate advances in the study of the continent’s indigenous languages. The journal has the qualities of a traditional academic publication, such as the existence of an editorial board and a pool of ad hoc reviewers, responsible for maintaining its editorial quality and composed of researchers actively involved in the study and documentation of the continent’s indigenous languages. As an electronic publication, the journal allows to include audio and video attachments and links to bibliographic references which are freely available online. The Cadernos de Etnolingüística’s “Monografias” series publishes longer works, such as dictionaries, grammar sketches, or annotated editions of old manuscripts. The series combines the advantages of a journal (rigorous assessment by a qualified editorial board) with those of a book (such as, for example, the possibility of publishing independent thematic volumes, bringing together papers presented at conferences and organized by guest editors). Each volume of the Monographs Series receives its own ISBN.